For NKC, life is all about the continuous search to find one’s inner self by surrendering to a purpose that is bigger than one’s own self. Through this process, one can succeed in letting go of all of the anxieties, fears and ego that stop people from growing and experiencing what is pure.
NKC believes that our true selves lie in the versions of ourselves that are continually struggling to be better, to accomplish more and to improve humanity.
“No one is born perfect nor ever will be, but striving to be better is what makes life worth living and is what will lead you to true contentment,” says NKC. “So don’t be scared to lose yourself. The person that emerges out of the maze might just surprise you.”
NKC hopes that others are inspired by his thinking and wants to show the world a way of life that can be hugely instrumental in bringing a significant difference to people and society at large.