Came Back and Boom (1999-2010)

After spending 13 years of struggle, joy, celebration and success in Gujarat, NKC returned to Jaipur. And an independent firm, Jaipur Carpets, came to the existence in 1999. Moreover, he got a firm registered in USA, with the name Jaipur Rugs Incorporated (JRI), a sister concern now called Jaipur Living Incorporated, for recognition and global distribution of rugs and carpets. The business struggled on for several years because he had never concentrated on other areas of business other than production. He studied books on management skills, business strategies, attended seminars, and started communicating with business leaders for self-improvement. “It was a process of self-discovery. I had to own up for all that went wrong,” he says.

Furthermore, NKC not only emphasized on training weavers, but he also proved to be a great father and a loving husband. He educated his children in the best of the colleges and sent them to the countries worldwide, for better understanding of the business practices all around the globe. In 2001, Asha Chaudhary, his eldest daughter joined the business as CEO (Jaipur Living Inc., Atlanta). Archana Chaudhary, his second daughter held the seat of Director of Quality Assurance (Jaipur Living Inc., Atlanta) in 2004.

For betterment of an enlarged community and providing sustainable livelihood at the grassroots, NKC commenced a not-for-profit organization in 2004, Jaipur Rugs Foundation (JRF). JRF team targeted men and women in most remote areas. Tools such as community mobilization, carpet weaving training, skill training, financial support, medical and infrastructural support, helped up-gradation of thousands of families.

Emphasize now was on unparalleled quality and innovation in designs, as his army of weavers was skillfully trained to deliver flawless pieces of art.

The year 2006 brought dramatic transformation in the business. Where, Jaipur Carpets was renamed as Jaipur Rugs Company Private Limited. Yogesh Chaudhary and Kavita Chaudhary, NKC’s children joined him during 2006. Kavita, his youngest daughter is a trained designer. She has set up the modern design center. His eldest son, Yogesh, dropped out of business school in Boston only to help run the business. He is responsible for having put in place a modern IT infrastructure. Since then, each year recorded many achievements and accolades.