Jaipur Rugs (2011-Today)

“All of us are born for a reason, but all of us do not discover it. Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s with what you do for others.” – Danny Thomas

NKC’s vision is to see Indian hand-knotted rug industry at par with the international industry. For this, he is constantly working to promote & facilitate research in the rug industry especially technology and skill-management. Today, if one asks the meaning of business to NKC, he describes it as an activity that is divine and is a source of knowing one’s inner self.

NKC’s relationship with the people at the grassroots has grown stronger over all these years. Today also, be it any festival or family celebration, at weaver’s place or at NKC’s, the joy is equally shared. NKC is a true friend, helping hand, teacher, philosopher, businessman, exemplary and for some, he is a godfather. He feels a great sense of responsibility towards enhancing the quality of life of the artisans and at the same time delivering the product of highest quality to his customers all over the globe.

His unique social business model is today a subject for curious minds all around the globe. Management Guru Late Professor C.K. Prahalad (awarded with Padma Bhushan) studied and appreciated the work done by NKC in his famous book, “The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”. With this book, he has written a case study on JRF “Connecting Rural India to Global Markets.”

NKC believes that this is the beginning of a new era. He says, “I am not the owner of this business, the real owners are people who put in their hard work to produce beautiful carpets which are liked by customers around the world.” He envisions a society where these artisans are self-reliant entrepreneurs. He says, “If I can. Why can’t you?” Jaipur Rugs is not content with just having become India’s largest hand-knotted carpet manufacturer and exporter. It has ambitious growth plans. The idea is to grow ten-fold and list on the stock exchange in the following years. However, there are challenges. They will then have to have ten times as many artisans producing for them. NKC profoundly believes in “Finding yourself through losing yourself.”

He has been a trendsetter, and has enlightened the life quality of the poor, preserving the old age designs and each day creating innovations in his business. He has helped the artisans gain recognition. As a consequence of all the efforts, many artisans are now capable of creating the designs of their own carpets and weave flawless pieces of art. For all his hard work, he has received several awards and has been named as ‘Gandhi of Indian carpet industry’.