Jaipur Rugs: Founder’s Mentality in Action

Our mission at Jaipur Rugs has always been to connect the rural weaver with the global customer, sharing their stories and lives with the world at large. There is no better way to understand our mission than through the weavers themselves. That is why we are proud to present a new video – produced by leading management consulting firm Bain and Co. – that describes this special bond between Jaipur Rugs and our family of weavers.

As with a lot of companies that find success early on, Jaipur Rugs came to point where endless demands of growth diluted the core mission over time.

NKC recognized this and quickly worked to return to the company’s original mission statement of serving the weavers. When NKC’s team went back to the front lines, that is when the magic began.

The artisans were seen not just as weavers but also as teachers, quality control experts and mobilizers. The potential of these talented artisans was just waiting to be unlocked.

By simply listening to the artisans, NKC was able to reignite the insurgency mission. As Mr. Chaudhary says “The insurgency is simple—we want to connect the story of our artisans and their art to the desires of our consumers to bless their floors and walls with a beautiful carpet. Our consumers demand authenticity and kindness. They want to know that when they buy art, the artisan is rewarded and respected.”

This insurgency mission led to defining the core of Jaipur Rugs, bringing a sense of pride and accomplishment to these talented artisans. This, in turn, made people being more positive, connected and realigned to the mission.

Every rug that is woven by our talented artisans contains a story – the story of a dying art that villagers work day and night to revive and replenish. Our goal is to connect weavers in remote villages in India to the most sophisticated and urbane living rooms around the world.

Jaipur Rugs is more than a business – it is a family.