NKC is often asked to sum up his philosophy. The word that describes it best is simply love. From the very beginning, love has been a major factor in everything the businessman does.

Churu, Rajasthan, set the start of NKC’s journey of self-discovery. It was there that he decided to do something different with his life rather than accepting a steady job at a local bank.

NKC’s ambition was to help people at the lowest levels of society. And so, his carpet business began on a very small scale with a few local weavers and the goal of providing these poor artisans with an opportunity to earn a sustainable living. Jaipur Rugs Co. was formed almost as a byproduct of this vision.

“Finding yourself through losing yourself” is a philosophy that NKC lives by and he has proven this through his close work with the artisans who create Jaipur Rugs’ exquisite products.

For NKC, life is all about the continuous search to find one’s inner self by surrendering to a purpose that’s bigger than one’s own self. Through this process, one can succeed in letting go of all of the anxieties, fears and ego that stop people from growing and experiencing what is pure.

A selfless person can truly experience empathy, love, purity and simplicity. These philosophies are infused in the entire culture of Jaipur Rugs, where everyone strives to create something that is flawless and constant.

Once a person becomes selfless in true sense, traits like empathy, love, integrity and simplicity bloom. These are the characteristics that have led to the inception and evolution of Jaipur Rugs. Together, these aspects lead to the creation of something that is perpetual.

In everything that he does, NKC always tries to set an example to his family at Jaipur Rugs and show them a way of life that can be hugely instrumental in bringing significant difference to people and society at large.